Obtaining Contractors Quotations

Tender Documents

Although drawings approved under building regulations contain a large amount of detail, not all the information required to obtain Contractors’ Tenders is specified, e.g. finishes, type of bathroom suite, kitchen units, types of doors, door handles etc. These small detailed issues generally make all the difference to a finished project.

Underpinning Works

Building Contractors

Controlling Contractors once works commence is an important issue, to this end a Building Contract is strongly recommended.
Building Contracts set down certain criteria:

  • The start and completion date of the works
  • If the works are not completed on time then you may be compensated for every week of overrun
  • They ensure correct insurance covers are put in place, Contractors Employees’ Liability & Public Liability together with insuring the on-going works, the latter may be either the responsibility of the contractor or the property owner
  • They set down the stages of payment and allows some monies to be retained to remedy any defects in the contractor’s work that may occur within the first three / six months
  • Finally, they set down procedures for resolving any disputes that may occur
    There are other benefits and these can be discussed with clients.

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    Timber Frame 1

    Timber Frame 2

    Management of Works Once Building is Commenced

    There are several ways to manage a building project and the most appropriate is dependent on the individual project.

  • For complex projects I can provide a full package where I put the project out to tender and administrate the on-site building contract.
  • For smaller straight forward projects I can prepare tender documents for clients to put out to tender and then administer the contract themselves.
  • Please note all information put into the tender documents is agreed with clients’ prior to sending the tender out.

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