Party Walls

Party Walls and Schedule of Conditions

Gary Chesters is a member of Pyramus and Thisbe Club, which Specialise in Party Wall matters. Since 1997, when the latest Party Wall etc. Act came into force, I have acted as both the Building Owners’ Party Wall Surveyor and the Adjoining Owners’ Party Wall Surveyor.

When the Act applies, Party Wall Surveyors

  • Agree construction details of the proposed work
  • Agree how the works are to be undertaken
  • Agree how any damage to the adjoining property will be assessed and accordingly prepare a pre-build schedule of conditions of the adjoining property or properties
  • Prepares an award document where all the above information is detailed, together with conditions such as working hours and the like

All this is within the remit of Gary Chesters


Floor -


Tiles on concrete


Floor in good order

Ceiling -

Plastered with painted finish

One hairline running 1200mm long from Party Wall and set about 1700mm from rear wall of kitchen. Hairline crack running parallel to Party Wall and set 2400mm off Party Wall. One nail hole blemish 1900mm off Party Wall and 2100mm off rear wall. Hairline crack inn rear corner adjacent to French Door, 600mm long from rear wall angled across to side wall. Generally hairline cracks at ceiling and wall junction.

Walls -

Plastered with a mix of paint and tiled finishes

Walls in good order. Hairline crack on Party Wall adjacent to heating pipes in corner adjacent to lounger, crack is 100mm long running down from ceiling. Hairline crack either side of kitchen unit nearest rear wall on Party Wall. Cracks run up from the top of either side of unit up to ceiling. Hairline crack above right hand side of internal doorleading into the lounge. Cracks run up from top of door up to ceiling. Minor paint discolouration at junction with ceiling and an area of about 3cm² above tiles at junction with rear and Party Wall. Skirting boards sound but a slight gap has opened up along the top edge at the junction with the wall

Window -

Doubled Glazed uPVC

Sound but opening light tight to open

First Floor Extension Built Abutting Neighbour